Caruso’s Floating Houses

Morphosis Architects Floating Houses

Recently I have read that floating houses are getting more attention these days, moving from the whimsical and conceptual to more practical considerations. Brad Pitt’s “Make It Right Foundation” which has been working to rebuild hurricane-torn New Orleans through innovative green design has teamed up with Morphosis Architects to unveil a home that floats when flooded.

So, if floodwaters rise, the house floats, gliding up 12-foot guideposts. It easily breaks away from electric lines and plumbing and has batteries to power up appliances and devices inside for up to three days. It is also made with green materials.

Will this concept work on a big scale? It’s too early to say, but it’s certainly thinking outside the box. Here are a few different houses they’ve come up with.



The stylish Schwimmhaus designed by German architects, is ideal for those looking for a compact, environmentally friendly floating home. It is built from reclaimed wood from an old farmhouse and other sustainable building materials, and its green roof adds to the eco-friendly appeal. The simple-yet-sleek interior design offers all the conveniences you could want and is thoroughly modern and unique. The Schwimmhaus was designed to float around or to stay docked permanently.

Schwimmhaus (© Confused-Direction)

Dubai Houseboat

As with most architectural designs coming out of Dubai, this houseboat is simply stunning. The 2,368-square-foot home was cleverly designed by Dubai-based architectural firm. Set on two catamaran beams, this two-story structure is practically encased in glass windows, allowing sunlight to flood the interior. It would take the average person more than a few bank loans to get his hands on the swish fittings and up market features of this chic and spacious floating home, even if it’s just to rent it for a week.

Dubai houseboat (© X-Architects)

Arctic Houseboat

The term “really cool” takes on new meaning with this houseboat, developed specifically for the Arctic winter. Inspired by the Inuit practice of turning their hunting boats upside down for winter shelter, the builders of this unique structure, took the idea to a new level by creating a prefabricated, highly insulated home that can endure harsh climates. Equipped with solar, wind and marine power systems, this self-contained unit can be placed virtually anywhere. The interior is cozy and compact and contains all the modern conveniences most people crave.

Arctic houseboat (© Covey Island Boatworks)

Floating Solar House

Environmentally conscious, U.K.-based, has reinvented RV holidays with these unique and eco-friendly solar powered houseboat. Apparently, the resourceful design enables the structure to be totally self-sufficient for up to a year at a time. It can also be docked at a floating-home community to use its power, fresh water and sewage-treatment facilities. Similar in design to a camper van, this 807-square-foot houseboat has an open kitchen and living area, with enclosed sleeping areas in the back.

Floating solar house (© Mark Kingsley Architects)

Summer Houseboat

This unique design by Russian architect Vladimir Plotkin, was created for the 2008 Archstoyanie Summer Festival in Russia, where the theme was Noah’s Ark. The giant, disc like living space is suspended above a floating platform and is accessed via ladders. The interior is compact, but by no means claustrophobic. The lattice walls ensure constant ventilation, and the large portholes provide ample natural light.

Summer houseboat (© Vladimir Plotkin/Archstoyanie)

 Cosmic Muffin Plane Boat

This home certainly gets tongues wagging. Once owned by Howard Hughes, the 1930s Boeing 307 Stratoliner was converted into a houseboat and is now a famous tourist attraction in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Surprisingly roomy inside, it houses a small sleeping area and bathroom at the rear, while the main hull is dedicated to living space that features a large bar area and even a computer work station.

 Cosmic Muffin plane boat (©

Kerala Houseboat

This beautiful houseboat is an ideal holiday home for those wishing to explore southern India without having to change hotels regularly. This two-bedroom, three-bathroom luxury houseboat is fully air-conditioned and even has a Jacuzzi onboard. The crew is English-speaking and there is a chef onboard to whip up gourmet meals.

 Kerala houseboat (© EyesWideOpen/Getty Images)

The question I have to ask is, Can you see youself living in one of these??

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