Did you get a bad flu shot?

Thinking about getting the flu shot? Read this, courtesy of David Letterman, to learn the top 10 ways you know know you got a bad flu shot:

10. Tastes and looks like A-1 Steak Sauce

9. Right before injecting you, doctor asks “regular or unleaded?”

8. Now that you think about it, its a little weird that the Dr office was on the D train.

7. You’re shaking like a washing machine

6. Instead of the CDC, its recommended by GMC

5. Every time you sneeze your nose falls off

4. Doctor claims its made from freshly squeezed hogs

3. Nurse sterilizes the needle with her whiskey sour

2. Went in for flu shot, ended up with a frozen, severed head next to Ted Williams

1. You find this list amusing

For more David Letterman Top Tens, click HERE.

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2007 President, Orange County Association of Realtors



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