sew and save

Sewing clothes can help you stay budget-savvy. Instead of getting rid of them at their first sign of wear, repair the items that need alteration. You can save a lot of money by learning to sew and making the necessary fixes yourself.

This may come in handy for those constant tears children seem to get in their clothes. Or you can fix the hole in a beloved teddy bear and make him new again.

After you master the art of reattaching a button, you can move on to more ambitious projects, such as hemming items and repairing holes. Hemming a pair of slacks can come in at over $15 if you take it to the tailor.

Then, once stitching is a cinch, you can make your own throw pillows, gifts, and other household items. The possibilities are endless.

Sew, what’s stopping you? Lean to sew today, save cash tomorrow.

And thank you for making me your Orange County Real Estate Connection!

Best Regards, Michael Caruso 2007 President, Orange County Association of Realtors



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