How many miles do you drive a week?

Real Estate requires us to log many miles in our own vehicles. With high fuel costs and the initiative to go green, we are always looking for strategies on how to reduce mileage. Every little bit can help make a difference. Here are some tips:

•Pre-plan your appointments. Combine showings if the properties are fairly close to one another.

 • Carpool to previews and open houses and work if possible.

•Walk or take public transit if your destination is close enough to your office and it isn’t too warm out. Your clients might have a better first impression of you if they see you are supporting the “green” imitative.

 •If you must drive to an appointment, schedule other tasks in the vicinity for the same day so you don’t have to make another trip.

 •Combine non-work errands into your commute to and from home to save individual trips.

•If you can get work done from home in the morning, leave work an hour later. You will beat the morning rush hour and technology allows us to work out-of-office. Maybe you can do your AR blogging.

•Pack a lunch so you won’t have to drive to lunch. Otherwise, go before or after peak times to avoid lines and traffic.

•Avoid driving through the bank. As you idle you use fuel.

 •Don’t speed. You will reduce wear and tear on your car and improve fuel efficiency.

•Check your tire pressure about once a month to ensure you’re getting the best performance and mileage out of your vehicle. Make sure to go to all your routine/scheduled maintenance visits at the mechanic

•Clean out your car. Extra “for sale” signs, boxes, and your golf bag can way down your vehicle and decrease fuel efficiency.

Compiled with help from American Home Shield.

And thank you for making me Your Orange County Real Estate Connection.

Best regards.

Michael Caruso, Broker ABR ABRM CRB CRS GREEN GRI

2007 President, Orange County Association of Realtors

(949) 753-7900


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