Were you ever bullied as a kid? Now there cyberbullying what is next?

2009 is well in the age of advanced technology with the promise of getting even better in the future. Computers, internet, cell phones, blackberries, palms and ipods are all great inventions that no only make life more streamlined and able to get immediate information, no matter where we are at it seems. However a down part of this is cyberbullying defined as a “causing substantial emotional distress to a person using electronic means such as cell phone or internet to support severe, repeating and hostile behavior.” Bullying on or off line can be psychological damaging to victims, however cyberbullying be can worse than face to face as it has a bigger audience.

Legislators are trying to pass a bill which makes cyberbullying a criminal offense. Some states have passed laws requiring school districts to deal with this type of specific bullying. Should the law be tackled through legislation or local resources even if it does not involve the law. What do you think?

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