Top 10 signs Obama needs a vacation

Obama 2008David Letterman is at it again. This is the infamous Top Ten list from Monday. Source: CBS

Top Ten Signs President Obama Needs a Vacation:

10.Last week’s radio address was ten minutes of snoring

9.Switched from beer summits to tequila summits

8.Asked CIA director what we’re doing about terrorist organization “Al-Pacino”

7.Staffers often find him on White House roof meowing like a kitty

6.Announced he’s sending an elite military unit to kill Hitler

5.Lately, he’s been fist-bumping staffers in the face

4.Asked for the number of Rush Limbaugh’s OxyContin guy

3.Called Bush for advice on sneaking naps during intelligence briefings

2.Been babbling nonsense about government death panels — wait, that’s a sign Sarah Palin needs a vacation

1.Barely has the energy to smoke

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