OC Girl Donates Graduation Gifts to Strangers

This is what the world needs more of…

3 recent college graduates, 2 local to Orange County, have headed on the road trip of their lives. One country to cross, one car to sleep in, and their own graduation money to donate.

In an interview with the Dana Point Times, Rebecca Marshburn explained her philosophy regarding donating her graduation gifts. “It was a gift to me, it should be a gift to someone else,” she said. “It’s not mine to keep. I have what I need.” She added, “I wanted to have a bigger purpose, I wanted to make other people smile.”

Rebecca Marshburn, Alex Reames, and Kevin Leda have been traveling from East to West to spread happiness to those in need. The three will be giving away money to help those in need and performing random acts of kindness across the United Staes. They donate time, money, and compassion to various causes from orphanages to the homeless.

Their first act was in Allston, Massachusetts providing 2 Honduran children from an underprivelged family YMCA scholarships. This allowed the young girls to be with their friends and sharpen their English skills over the summer.

The road trippers have given stranded motorists lifts and free tanks of gas, donated food gift certificates to domestic violence victims, and have had many establishments donate to their cause. What an amazing thing to do for such young people. Please check out this great cause!

Follow their journey via their blog http://roadsideassistanceusa.blogspot.com/

If you would like to donate or get involved contact Rebecca Marshburn at beccamarshburn@yahoo.com.

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