Graduate Suing College for Unemployment

I found this article at, by Jason Kessler. Can you believe this?

“A recent college graduate is suing her alma mater for $72,000 – the full cost of her tuition and then some – because she cannot find a job.

Trina Thompson, 27, of the Bronx, graduated from New York’s Monroe College in April with a bachelor of business administration degree in information technology.

On July 24 she filed suit against the college in Bronx Supreme Court, alleging that Monroe’s “Office of Career Advancement did not help me with a full-time job placement. I am also suing them because of the stress I have been going through.”

In her complaint, Thompson says she seeks $70,000 in reimbursement for her tuition, and $2,000 to compensate for the stress of her three-month job search.

The college responded that it offers job-search support to all its students.”

I wonder if this will give other jobless, college grads similar ideas. Isn’t the purpose of college to teach you skills and give you an upper hand at getting a job, not actually guarantee you one? I have a feeling Trina won’t get too far with this.

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One thought on “Graduate Suing College for Unemployment

  1. A few thoughts: #1. Some people have a “professional victim” mentality – and that’s how they waste their lives.
    #2.) Many people confuse education with training. Training is vocation oriented. You look at the areas where jobs are in demand, you learn to do that job. Education is oriented toward your own personal intellectual broadening – and it may or may not result in a job. They call it “A college education” instead of “College training” for a reason. Its value may be more personal than money related. Seeing that this young woman only pulled a 2.7 (not horrible, but not hot) and is so bent out of shape because she can’t find a job, she wasn’t necessarily college material to begin with.

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