Greener Air Conditioning

 As a GREEN broker I am always looking for new was to be environmentally-friendly. A Business Week article today discussed the beginning of a green solution for air conditioning. This development is enormous because unfortunately, staying cool requires utilizing a large amount of energy. A large amount of energy in turn equals global warming.


A European company, Thermodyna, is in the process of building a household AC unit that can provide cool air using solar energy. According to the article, the revolutionary “Schukey” motor would transform the sun’s rays into cool air for your home or office. They report that one kilowatt hour would cost as little as 5 cents!

The system is fairly simple and may be on the market as soon as next year! This is great news as we head toward a more sustainable world. I can’t wait to see the progress of this endeavor. And for more “green” tips visit my website at:

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