MCREG Goes Green!

Nowadays, going green is not only a trend, it’s a new way of life. By taking time to evaluate ways reduce your carbon footprint, we help make the world a better place for our future.


Here are some great ways to go green in your office:


  • Print on both sides of paper when possible
  • Recycle cans, bottles, paper
  • Use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs which last ten times longer and use seventy-five percent less energy
  • Utilize auto-shut off features for all lights, air conditioning and electronic equipment
  •  Purchase air purifiers to clean office air
  • Donate or recycle old electronic equipment. For  a list of charities who accept such donations, visit



The Michael Caruso Real Estate Group is not only concerned with the environment, but we also are very interested in providing tips to help others adapt their offices as well.


Do you have any other ways that your office is being eco-friendly?


Your comments are welcome.


And thank you for making me Your Orange County Real; Estate Connection.


Best regards.

Michael Caruso, Broker ABR ABRM CBR CRS GRI

2007 President, Orange County Association of Realtors

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