Feeling Blue? Try a Brain Stimulator!

Recently the FDA approved Neuronetics Incorporated’s transcranial magnetic stimulation procedure for patients who did not respond to pills prescribed for depression.


The TMS procedure is non-invasive, but is a little bit out of the ordinary from the ways I’ve read about for depression treatment.  A “brain stimulator” beams magnetic pulses through the skull, which is said to cause the patient’s brain cells to fire. 


While the treatment is said to help patients who do not respond to pill treatment, they will pay a higher cost for this alternate therapy.  TMS treatments can range from $6,000 to $10,000.


My question is, which is better? To explore new ways to treat depression that may not explain the long-term risks or to continue to try different types of pills to see which may respond to a person’s body chemistry?


What are your thoughts?


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