A recent news release indicated that in a survey, new homeowners were asked which item they would rather give up if they had to…their home ~ or their car?


Do you believe that the overwhelming response was: the Home?? The rationale was that they ‘could live with family or a friend, but needed a car to get to work and get around’.

Come on America…we live in a disposable era, but this is incredulous!  We have got to take some responsibility when we sign on the dotted line.  Perhaps Nordstrom started this fad with their famous ‘return it, no questions asked’ posture.  Great for retail clothing, but a home???

When the going gets tough you just can’t hand the keys back to the bank with a home…or can you?

We’d love your feedback on this topic…please drop us an email if you have a moment.

Thank you.

Michael Caruso

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